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Top Inpatient and Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers in PA

There are many alcohol rehab centers throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We’ve curated a list of the top facilities below.

pennsylvania alcohol rehab centers

pennsylvania alcohol rehab centers

Caron treatment center

Caron has an inspiration view from the mountaintop in Caron Pennsylvania.

The philosophy of caron treatment centers is to help ease the pain of people dealing with alcohol addiction by restoring their health, hope, spirituality and relationships. This is a very unique philosophy because not alcohol rehabs help with spirituality and relationships.


243 N galen Hall Rd

Wernersville, Pennsylvania 19565

Alcohol Treatment services offered:

Neurofeedback therapy

Family support and treatment

Detox Services

Spiritual Support – at Caron they believe that spirituality is at the core of addiction treatment. Caron will help you understand faith better with their spiritual support team.

White deer run

14 treatment centers throughout Pennsylvania

Their approach: They believe that each patient should be treated as an individual and should have their alcohol rehab treatment plan tailored specifically to them. They accomplish this through offering comprehensive care, personalized treatment while maintaining professional excellence.

They can work with various insurance carriers like aetna, bluecross blueshield in Pennsylvania, cigna, healthchoices, unitedhealthcare among other insurance carriers.

Addiction treatment services offered:

Detox Alcohol Rehab Treatment – Depending on the nature of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, white deer run offers different detox services.

Residential Treatment – This includes around the clock supervision. They put the rehab patient on a structured schedule. There is also family therapy and medication management offered as part of this process.

Co-Occuring Disorder Treatment – This involves treatment someone for alcohol abuse along with treating them for a co-occuring mental condition. This includes things like anxiety disorders and depression.

Sober Living Environment – White deer run Pennsylvania also offers sober living housing for addicts. This is an environment where no alcohol or other drugs are present. They have a 30 bed halfway house for adult men and a 20 bed halfway house for women.

Continuing Care

Turning point Treatment

Turning point has 2 treatment alcohol rehab centers in pa. Both of them are located in Franklin, Pennsylvania. They have 2 inpatient campuses and an outpatient office.

Address: 4849 US 322, Franklin, PA 16323

Outpatient address: 150 Prospect Ave Franklin, PA 16323


Treatment philosophy: They believe in treating the disease of addiction through treating an addict’s mind, body and spirit through holistic measures. They have licensed therapists, nurses and physicians who truly understand that treating addiction is a challenging journey.

Alcohol Abuse treatment services offered:

Alcohol Detox – They offer detox services for those that need it. They understand that all alcohol withdrawal symptoms might be severe, but they can still be painful. Turning point treatment in PA believes that they can help ease the pain from alcohol withdrawal. The alcohol detox is offered 24 hours a day.

Long term inpatient – long term alcohol rehab inpatient services are offered to both female and male addicts that have a high likelihood of relapse. The length of stay varies from 90 days to 120 days. Turning Point Pennsylvania alcohol rehab focuses on relapse prevention and life skills necessary to survive addiction.

Short term inpatient – Male and female 30 day program. Treatment includes group therapy, relapse prevention and anger management. There are also educational lectures 5 days a week.

Outpatient services – Alcohol rehab outpatient services include outpatient group therapy, outpatient individual therapy, and certified recovery specialist services.

Clearbrook Inc

1100 E Northampton St

Laurel Run, PA


Have been around for over 40 years as an alcohol rehab in pa.

There philosophy is that the patient comes first.

Alcohol Rehab Services offered:


Addiction counseling – clearbrook inc offers addiction counseling through group therapy, one on one counseling and 12 step programs.

Alcohol treatment – Clearbook alcohol rehab in pa offers treatment for alcoholism. They do this through 2 goals: abstinence from mood/mind altering substances and by offering a new way of living from the mental obsession of alcohol abuse.

Insurance plans accepted by clearbook:

They accept Pennsylvania employees benefit trust fund, bluecross blueshield, highmark, horizon bcbs of new jersey, optum, aetna, Magellan, and unitedhealthcare.

Clarity Way

Clarity way is a dual diagnosis treatment center. They offer luxury to their patients as well.

Their philosophy is that each patient recovers differently, therefore; they individualize treatment plans to the patient. They don’t pack their treatment centers with clients. It feels more personalized when you are at clarity way alcohol rehab. They also believe that a client’s comfort aids their healing. They also believe that a patient’s treatment should heal the body, mind and spirit of the patient.

Clarity Way’s facility

Clarity Way alcohol rehab treatment facility has many great amenities for those recovering from alcohol abuse. They have 4 lounge areas, a fitness center, kitchen and private bathrooms. They also have an art studio and a recreation room. They even have a business center for those who need to keep in touch with work.

Clarity Way’s Alcohol Rehab Treatment Services

Evidence based medical detox – clarity way offers medically monitored alcohol detox services. There are only seven clients in the detox center at a time. This allows for close monitoring of patients.

Lancaster County Retreat

The lancast county rereat alcohol addiction center is located in Ephrata PA.

1170 S State St

Ephrata, PA 17522

Phone: 866-938-9101

Outpatient office for Lancaster PA retreat

333 South 7th St

Akron, PA 17501

Lancaster PA retreat’s main philosophy is that they will work on individual treatment plans with each patient. The team is staffed by a primary therapist, team therapist, team treatment technician, an outreach specialist and a team nurse.

Lancaster PA Alcohol Rehab center offers the following services

Inpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment – the intensive outpatient offers the ability to engage in a gradual step down treatment along with interacting in a small group environment. Lancaster retreat also provides transportation as part of this treatment option. After care planning assistance is also available.

Outpatient Treatment

As part of Lancaster’s outpatient program they offer partial hospitalization where day and night treatment is offered. They also offer an intensive outpatient program


The ecounseling offered by Lancaster pa retreat aftercare is very unique. They offer the ability to meet conselors through video conferencing, text messaging and crisis texting. There six simple steps to retreat after care. First you complete your welcome paperwork, then you complete your m3 assessment, then  you schedule time with your individual ehome counselor, then you attend your first group session, then you work through your education videos and quizzes. Finally you complete your second m3 after 6 weeks.

Pocono Mountain Recovery

Pocono Mountain Recovery claims to be eastern Pennsylvania’s leading drug detox and alcohol residential treatment center. They are located at 3437 PA-715, Henryville, PA 18332.

The philosophy of Pocono mountain recovery is that they want to help individuals that are willing to accept help. Then they believe that group discussions and shared experience will help the individual recovery. They also believe that counselors and peers will help people recover.

Programs offered by Pocono Mountain PA Alcohol Rehab

Detox – while in Pocono Mountain PA you will be monitored around the clock by state-certified drug and alcohol counselors. You will be in detox until  you are ready for the next step of alcohol recovery. Alcohol detox typically lasts 4 to 5 days.

Residential Treatment

PHP Program – Pocono mountain recovery offers partial hospitalization program as well. This step follows a patient’s stay in the residential treatment center. In this center, there will be a blend of therapeutic interventions designed to stop alcohol abuse.

Intensive Outpatient

Extended Care and Sober Living

Continuing Care

Family Program