How Marijuana’s Positive Effects Are Making The World A Better Place

What are some of marijuana’s positive effects?

marijuana's positive effects

marijuana’s positive effects

Since this is a website about treating alcoholism, the first positive effect of marijuana that we will discuss is for treating alcoholism.

Marijuana Can Be Used To Treat Alcoholism

Treating alcoholism with marijuana is called marijuana maintenance. Marijuana maintenance is essentially stepping down from one hard substance to another substance.

Instead of drinking alcohol you’d utilize marijuana.

There was a study performed by the harm reduction journal

In that study, they found that many patients were able to use marijuana as a substitute for alcohol. The patients found that alcohol had less side effects than alcohol. The study brings up the question of whether or not substituting one hard substance for another is a better situation. It might be a better situation for the patient if it reduces the negative effects on their life.

There are many harmful effects that drinking alcohol has like isolation, blacking out, sickness, extreme withdrawal that marijuana doesn’t.

Chronic pain

Another positive impact that marijuana can have is that it reduces chronic pain. Many people use medical marijuana to treat chronic pain. One of the most cited uses in the popular mainstream media is using medical marijuana while undergoing cancer treatment.

Increased lung capacity

There was a study by the journal of American medical association that shows that not only does marijuana not negatively impact lung function but that it might in fact increase lung function.

Marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma

Glaucoma was one of the first positive effects of marijuana cited by people that started the legalization of marijuana. The documentation of this treatment goes back to the 1970s.

Glaucoma is a condition that involves damage to the optic nerve.

Marijuana treats glaucoma by lowering intraocular pressure in the eye which is key to treating glaucoma. The only problem is that it only lowers this pressure for a few hours.

It could increase your libido

According to study by the journal of sexual medicine, marijuana smokers see an increase in sexual frequency that is associated with their use of marijuana.

Marijuana could help treat PTSD and substance use disorders

According to a publication in the clinical psychology review, marijuana could help treat mental illness like PTSD and people addicted to alcohol or other hard substances.

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