How Does Alcoholics Anonymous Help?

Many people that are considering getting sober consider Alcoholics Anonymous when they get sober.

How does Alcoholics Anonymous work.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of alcoholics who all use each other’s company to get sober.

  • They read literature together
  • they speak about their experience strength and hope
  • They pray together
  • They help other alcoholics get sober

and this is what keeps them sober. These positive routines stack up and help alcoholics stay sober together. In my view it’s really the spirituality portion and the positive habits that Alcoholics Anonymous uses that keeps people sober.

In Alcoholics Anonymous you get away from the people, places and things that used to make you drink.

90 Meetings in 90 Days

For example, let’s say that used to go to the bar every day and you drink liquor at that bar every single day. Alcoholics Anonymous says that you should do 90 meetings and 90 days and they do this because they want you to develop the habit of going to meetings every single day in order to break your old habit of going to the bar every day.

Alternatively the people that drink at home by themselves every single day and they don’t be the house or they just drink it home after work. Going to 90 meetings 90 days will also get you out of the habit of being by yourself. For the most part you go into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and you meet a lot of people in there because us appointive Alcoholics Anonymous is supposed to be a fellowship.

Fellowship of alcoholics

From the moment you walk in, you should be greeted by a number of people who welcome you in and ask you about your story. Often enough when you first start out you also get a sponsor. And you know a lot of people’s phone numbers including a sponsor. Most people call you in text you frequently to check in on you. This is another habit that you do in Alcoholics Anonymous that keeps you sober. Additionally alcoholics anonymous makes you go through the 12 step program and each one of the steps is looking at what made you drink and trying to get you away from those drinks. You have to admit the powerless over alcohol, you have to hand it over to God and get spiritual, but you also have to do a moral inventory on yourself.

And you also have to do an inventory of the people you harm and apologize to those people. You also have to learn to meditate and pray frequently. And these are all routines and habits and often new routines and habits for people to get out of their own mind and to get out gain new positive habits instead of their old habits.

Another thing that AA does it is a habit to get you out of your old ways is have a lot slogans. Slogans like stinking thinking halt. In these slogans and habits they all get you in the routine of where your supposed to be avoiding a drink. Is not necessarily a lot of psychological assessment it’s more of get to a meeting every single days frequently as possible check in with your sponsor share story.

Service and helping other alcoholics

What you’ve gotten really comfortable in AA they often make you perform service tasks and sponsor other alcoholics in this just get you in the mindset of avoiding the drink so not only have you set your own drinking and done a lot of work around that you now help another alcoholic. They make newcomers set up chairs and prepare coffee before meetings. This allows newcomers to feel comfortable with responsibility and gives them a frequent sense of accomplishment.

It’s more of avoiding drinking versus assessing the underlying issues of why you started drinking in the first place. This can often be overwhelming for many alcoholics because alcoholics can be extremely introverted and sensitive people. Having to help out and interact with a lot of people can be extremely overwhelming.

Sharing in AA

Sharing is another key positive habit of AA. There have been many studies that show sharing about your problems can help reduce your anxiety. In AA they say when you speak about your problem and share it with another individual, you are cutting your problem in half. This is essentially what people do in therapy. Again this is another positive habit that contributes to how AA helps new alcoholics.

This can also be a scary proposition for newcomers that are introverted as well. This is especially true when “old timers” come up to newcomers and tell them what they are doing wrong. It’s hard to share something really tough and personal and have someone come up to you and criticize you.

In conclusion, AA does a lot of things to help alcoholics, but they don’t really address some of the underlying issues like dissatisfaction in life, past traumas and sensitivity. My advice is go to AA for the positivity aspect, but you need to make sure that you also see a psychologist or psychiatrist for the root issue of why you or your spouse started drinking in the first place.

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