Emotionally Immature Parents Impact on Sobriety

There are many alternatives to going to alcoholics anonymous in the search to cure alcoholism. There are also alternative programs like adult children of alcoholics.

In addition to that there is a book out about dealing with emotionally immature parents.

It really delves into what It is like to grow up with emotionally immature parents and how they impact your development.

Children growing up with emotionally immature parents are not able to self soothe because they see their parents doing crazy things all the time and emotions aren’t being addressed.

One example is a kid that cries being soothed immediately with a toy or food. This is bad because then the child doesn’t learn how to deal with it’s emotions. Instead they feel like they need to search for a toy or food every time they don’t feel good.

Another thing that emotionally immature children grow up to do is that they constantly look for a cure. They do this many times in relationships or through jobs. They jump from relationship to relationship or job to job thinking that the next one will cure them. However this rarely happens as you might know.

You have to learn to deal with your emotions if you are going to stay sober. You can’t always be reaching for the next drink or the next substance to cure you.

The next day is always going to come, and the only thing you are going to have left is yourself. You have to learn to live with yourself. There is no time like the present to learn to start living with yourself.

The first step is to learn to identify your emotions which will initially be very hard because you probably haven’t done it before. A good way to do this is to connect with your body.

Your body is where you connect with your emotions. You can learn to feel the anxiety in your chest or your stomach. When you feel it, you can understand that it is only momentary and wait for it to pass.

You might say that doesn’t sound like a cure to alcoholism. Well it might sound simple and that is because it is simple. If you learn to ride the waves of your emotions and not react to them by picking up a drink, guess what — you can stay sober.

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