Best Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts For Men Women and Sponsors (2018)

There are various gifts that one might want to give while they are in alcoholics anonymous. Alcoholics anonymous is a fellowship of people recovering from an addiction to alcohol. There are all kinds of relationships that occur in AA. There are peers, sponsors, sponsees, and friends. There are also special occasions like recovery dates. These also make good alcoholics anonymous birthday gifts for people that take their sobriety very seriously.

Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Gifts

The following gifts are general gifts that can be bought for anyone going through recovery.

Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

This it the primary book of alcoholics anonymous. It’s not always free at AA meetings and it is essential for someone who is getting sober in AA. Why not make their life easier and buy it for them as a gift.

12 steps and 12 traditions book

AA is twelve step program. In order to go through the steps with a sponsor, every sober person is going to need a copy of this book. This book should be bought with the AA big book.

Sobriety journal

 one of the most popular alcoholics anonymous gifts on the internet is the sobriety journal. There are inspiring quotes on every single page of the journal. Other than that this is basically a journal to help you through your sobriety as journaling is scientifically proven to help your mental state so why not get the sober person in your life started on the right path today.

Deck of sobriety cards

this is a deck of 52 cards that have sobriety slogans. These slogans are common slogans that many in sobriety see hanging on the walls of many AA meetings. This is an alternative to buying a book full of sobriety quotes and is more entertaining.

12 promises T shirt

The 12 promises goes along with sobriety as well. The 12 promises are from the alcoholics anonymous book the 12 promises and 12 traditions, so why not get the sober person in your life a shirt to help them remember the 12 promises.

Zinc alloy alcoholics anonymous pendant necklace

This Zinc alloy alcoholics anonymous pendant is a great jewelry piece for anyone in alcoholics anonymous. It is gender neutral as well which makes it a great gift.

Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery stones

These are encouraging stones with six daily reminders for encouragement in staying sober.

Rule 62 medallion chip for AA


This chip reminds the alcoholic in your life to not take themselves too seriously.

Alcoholics anonymous gifts for women

Alcoholics anonymous is not always associated with women, so sometimes it can be hard finding alcoholic anonymous gifts for women. Luckily enough for you, we’ve curated some of the best AA gifts for women below.

Sobriety garden coloring book

This is a 26 page adult coloring book for people that are getting sober. Since it has sayings from AA and is also garden-themed, it is the perfect gift for a woman in alcoholics anonymous. It will calm their spirit and help them stay sober.

3 piece layered serenity prayer bracelet

This is a beautiful bracelet for women that has the serenity prayer engraved on it. Since the serenity prayer is a staple of AA, this will no doubt be ideal for a female in alcoholics anonymous.

Change is the essence of life medallion chip


This alcoholics anonymous chip is a great sobriety medallion chip for women to carry around as a reminder about the importance of staying sobert.

Mariell AA recovery symbol necklace for women


This Mariell AA recovery necklace is beautiful necklace to give any woman that you know that might be strong in her recovery from alcohol dependence. It has the AA unity triangle symbol that is well known around the world that is encased in beautiful jewelry.

Alcoholics anonymous whimsical symbol pendant 

Inspired silver alcoholics anonymous circle charm bracelet

this is a great gift for a women who is in alcoholics anonymous. Charm bracelets are very popular for women, so getting the sober woman in your life this bracelet is a no brainer.

Alcoholics anonymous gifts for men

I’m sober what’s your superpower shirt

This is a masculine shirt that would be a great sobriety gift for a man.

Sober AF coffee mug – The sober Af alcoholics anonymous coffee mug is a great gift for the sober man in your life.

Set of 3 black one day at a time wrist bands – these black and white wristbands are very masculine and great gift for a man in alcoholics anonymous.

Serenity prayer leather bracelet – this is for the tough guy that is getting sober. It allows them to show their outward toughness but also highlight that sobriety is important to them.

Alcoholics anonymous gifts funny

I’m sober what’s your superpower shirt

This is a funny alcoholics anonymous gift. It is a shirt that says “I’m sober what’s your superpower.”

Sober AF coffee mug

The sober Af alcoholics anonymous coffee mug is a great funny alcoholics anonymous gift for the sober person in your life who can live with a little humor. This would also be a great gift for a sponsor since drinking coffee is also associated with having a lot of time in AA.

Sober AF Tshirt

Sober AF Watter Bottle

Alcoholics anonymous sponsor gift

Don’t make me use my sponsor voice funny tshirt

This one would be a great gift for an alcoholics anonymous sponsor that can appreciate some humor. This is meant to make your sponsor reminisce about all the times they get super serious with you and remind you to do the things that you should already know how to do.

It’s in the book AA patch

This would be a great gift for a sponsor. Since sponsors frequently say that “it’s in the book,” getting them this patch would really make them feel special. They can stitch it into a jacket or shirt, or they can just keep it around as keepsake.

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