What Is The Best Alcohol Poisoning Remedy?

What are the signs of alcohol poisoning?

Alcohol poisoning occurs from drinking too much alcohol. There are many signs of alcohol poisoning that mirror a person being drunk but are much more severe.

Some of the signs of alcohol poisoning are

  1. Confusion
  2. Unconsciousness
  3. Vomitting
  4. Limited breathing
  5. Hypothermia
  6. Large drop in body temperature
  7. Loss of bowel control

What is the best remedy for alcohol poisoning?

What is the best remedy for alcohol poisoning. First off if you suspect that a person has alcohol poisoning then you should make sure that they don’t have any more alcohol.

If you think someone has alcohol poisoning, the safest thing to do is to take them to the doctor. The doctor will likely pump their stomach and give them an IV to rehydrate them.

The best way to do this would be to call 911 if you are in the united states. You could also drive the person to the hospital as long as you take meaningful precautions

Home remedy for alcohol poisoning

The best home remedies for alcohol poisoning are below. It is not advised that you try to treat alcohol poisoning yourself. The easisest thing to do would be to take the person to a hospital or get a doctor involced.

Don’t leave the person with alcohol poisoning alone.

If the person is vomiting, then try to keep them upright so that they don’t vomit while they are on their backs.

Make sure to give the person plenty of room to breath as well.

Don’t put the person in a cold room.

Since one of the effects of alcohol is dehydration, you should try to get the person some hydration by giving them water.

Do not try to get the person to drink coffee or sugary drinks as those can be dehydrating.

You should also try to keep the person warm if possible especially if their body temperature has lowered.

In conclusion, the best remedy for alcohol poisoning is to get the person you suspect has alcohol poisoning medical treatment. If that is not possible, then there are some remedies that you can perform to help lessen the impact of alcohol on the person’s system.

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